About Us

Quark Communications, Inc. (“QCI”) funded by Adam Guzik in 1994, incorporated in 1997 in San Diego, CA as a software company is dedicated to automation systems. In the late 90s QCI developed InetSupervisor ™ software. InetSupervisor was the first web-based software for automation systems. In the 2000s QCI designed and installed hundreds of open automation system networks. While working on software stacks and libraries, it was inevitable for the company to begin developing an automation hardware platform. Being a small and nimble company QCI designs and manufactures custom systems for multiple OEMs with majority of production being exported overseas. In 2014 QCI developed the first full line of automation for compressed air systems offering paybacks of 6mo or less. In 2015 QCI released a line of wired and wireless automation for lighting systems. As an embedded developer QCI strives to provide the most advanced building automation technology by constant innovation and process simplification. As an example, QCI products require zero custom programming as competing products do. All sequences are stored in the hardware and allow fast deployment as a configurable option system. QCI products are used by GSA for meter data collection where our RHEA network appliance provides unique capabilities in the market place. Army Corps of Engineers specified and installed InetSupervisor products on over 27 military bases world-wide. With growing demand for high level automation QCI is looking forward to bright future and expanding opportunities in robotics, IoT and Building Automation.